My name is Emily. I am a wife to one and mama to three! I have a passion for making parenthood more efficient. Caboosee’s patented technology enables a caregiver to easily check a little one's “caboose” without removing any clothing.  This means nothing stands in the way of diaper checks or changes: not snaps, not zippers, not limited mobility, not poopy fingers. ​

On New Year's Eve, one little darling needed her diaper checked. I watched as her mom picked her up and did the “move”: the old sniff and peek. If the sniff doesn't confirm your suspicion then the peek through the leg of the diaper is needed. I voiced my frustration at how annoying bodysuits can be because you can't see into the diaper. This little cutie and her mom's finger were in the clear (that leg peek can be a dangerous tactic. We've all run to the sink to get the "suspicion" off our finger). But this whole experience encouraged me to design new clothing that would allow easier access. Caboosee was born!


US Patent holder number 9456636

Amber Grant winner October 2017 

(Women's business grant)

Top 100 Finalist for FedEx Grant 2017

Winner of Hatch-Wi in 2017

(mini Shark Tank)

The Oliver 24/7 JumpSuit

Fabric is BUTTERY SOFT with great stretch! 

NB size has full footie and a fold over cuff on the SLEEVE

0-3 Month size has fold over cuff on the SLEEVE and on the ANKLE

ALL other sizes have the fold over cuff on the ANKLE so it easily transitions from DAY to Night 

24/7 Suit


Caboosee brings efficiency to motherhood one diaper at a time

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