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The 24/7 suit made diaper checks quick & easy, even on our walks in the woods. Especially since Daddy can't smell and usually can't tell if a #2 happened unless he removes the diaper, this will be a huge help for him. I love the Black/Grey combo color., and with our long babies the legs length were perfect

Sarah Dickerson

PEEKABOO! There's an opening in the back of this, yet there's no OPEN back! I LOVE IT, Caboosee 24/7 suit is the best NEW INVENTION! 

Kristin Roesle

It has always been a struggle to change Zephyr's diaper. He's hyper and pretty strong for a 4 month old. We try to avoid unnecessary diaper checks (which involves removing clothing and diaper) It all changed when I got a Caboosee onesie. With it's brilliant patented design you can check the diaper in literally a microsecond and change him without the hassle of taking off the whole outfit. 

Sahsheen Coute

Fold over cuff on the ankles

works for play or sleep

24/7 Suit

How to Change a 24/7 suit diaper

No Snaps or Zippers involved #efficientmom

Classic long sleeve bodysuit

with Caboosee patented technology back


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