Trying for a Boy or Girl

Trying for a Boy or Girl

August 21, 2018 1 Comment

Can we really determine the sex of our babies? Some would say that is trying to play God... I would say, "I'm probably making God laugh at my trying but why not try to get the odds in my favor!" 

I have a boy and two girls. For the boy I was just trying to get pregnant didn't even think about the gender. For the next one I researched how I could have a girl because my husband only wanted 2 children, and I wanted a girl! For the 3rd..... wait we were having 2! This was God's ultimate joke on me!

"You tried so hard to have that girl, here ya go, BOGO!" ~God

I was using a diaphragm as birth control (highly opinionated about hormone BC) I used it around ovulation time or just abstained. Abstinence is the key to not getting pregnant! Tell your husband that one :) I have a theory on this little girl. I ended up having placenta previa with this pregnancy (when the egg attaches to the cervix opening instead of high up on the uterus wall) To me that says the egg was fertilized late, possibly in the uterus already, was going to just slip away and then BAM stuckThat little blessing just turned 3 and although it took me a long to time warm up to the idea of another, she is such a JOY.


Whether I was successful in my swaying or God just smiled on me and gave me my girls, here are the things I did to help my odds. 


Science says that it's the sperm that is X or Y that choose the gender, this is true. BUT and here's the big BUT it is also the woman's environment and timing of when the deed is done that can help or hinder the X or Y



In the Tortoise and the Hare the Xs are the Tortoise 

  1. Girls sperm are slower moving but live longer- what these means to you- you need to chart when you think you will ovulate. Doing "IT" 2-4 days BEFORE you ovulate. This gets the Xs and Ys to the party early. Y's will die off before the egg is there and Xs will win the race.


  1. If your environment is more acidic this favors the girl sperm while killing off the boy sperm. You can buy PH strips to test where you are at. There are food lists to make your body more acidic, Which I did for months leading up to trying, but I found douching with lemon/water Pre-Doing IT was easier than trying to eat the "right foods". (I used a blue bulb nose sucker because I had like 5 of them-- and yes I tossed it after I was pregnant and didn't use in my son's nose!) To be healthy we actually want an alkaline environment in our body so I felt like I was sabotaging myself in a way by making myself acidic throughout my body. It made more sense to me to put the acidic environment right where it needed to be instead of the whole body! 


Those are my top tips for putting the odds in your favor. FYI my husband had NO CLUE I was doing any of this. I wasn't tricking him into having another baby, he knew that, just didn't know all the behind the scene work I was doing :) 



The Hare

  1. These are the guys you want to get to the party just in time! They are fast, in the right environment, but don't live as long. They really are like the Hare. All ready for the race when it starts but then take a nap shortly after they get out of the gate. Knowing your ovulation and doing IT as close to ovulation as possible. This gives them the alkaline environment they need to live, the right type of slippery mucous to swim fast, and by the time they are wanting to take a break and nap they already made it to the prize!


You can buy ovulation tests on Amazon. If you are doing these tests you will want to buy the BIG packs off amazon, instead of the expensive in store ones where you get like 2. Start testing before you start trying! If you are not a planner trying for boy or girl probably isn't going to work for you. You need to plan ahead and know your body, I'd say at least 2-3 cycles before you are trying. Things to think about

When do I ovulate?
What is my environment, acidic or alkaline?
May the odds ever be in your favor~ 




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Christina Cox
Christina Cox

September 28, 2018

I am casting for a new series about entrepreneurs in the NYC/tri-state area. I couldn’t tell where you were located. If you’re in that area and interested in chatting please get back to me. Thank you!

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