The Fallon 24/7 JumpSuit

  • Features the patented Caboosee back, which stretches to enable you to easily check your little one's caboose while still fully dressed.
  • The Caboosee panel also makes for easy diaper changes by slipping the baby's legs out the back panel WATCH HOW 
  • No Snaps or Zippers = pure comfort 
  • Contrast fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex 
  • Main fabric is 100% french terry cotton. Feels like a lightweight sweatshirt, gives the outfit structure so no saggy knees or butt! 
  • Fold over cuffs on the ankles for quick transition from day to night 
  • Made in Pennsylvania USA  
  • 3% of sales go to feed orphans in Kisii, Kenya
  • Potty training friendly! Easy to pull up and down. 



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