The Oliver 24/7 JumpSuit

Fabric is BUTTERY SOFT with great stretch! 

NB size has full footie and a fold over cuff on the SLEEVE

0-3 Month size has fold over cuff on the SLEEVE and on the ANKLE

ALL other sizes have the fold over cuff on the ANKLE so it easily transitions from DAY to Night 

  • Features the patented Caboosee back, which stretches to enable you to easily check your little one's caboose while still fully dressed Quick Checks for Mama and No TEARS for baby! 
  • The Caboosee panel also makes for easy diaper changes by slipping the baby's legs out the back panel WATCH HOW 
  • No Snaps or Zippers- SUPER comfortable for baby
  • Made in Pennsylvania USA  
  • 3% of sales go to feed orphans in Kisii, Kenya
  • Potty training friendly! Easy to pull up and down. 


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